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Some Dropbox tips

February 14, 2011 Leave a comment
Dropbox (from

File synch and sharing utility. (image from

I’ve been using Dropbox for a while now. Dropbox is a service that allows you to synchronize files of the Dropbox folder accross all your devices that have it installed AND the internet. You get 2GB with your free account and 250Mb for every person that joins if you invite them. I have around 4Gb at this point, free.

Its simplicity is what makes it so useful. When you install dropbox on your device (laptop, smartphone, desktop, etc) you will just see a folder called Dropbox (or My Dropbox in Windows). Everything that you “drop” in there, it will synch with the internet and all devices you have. Great huh?

The simple usage is great and the support for different platforms and devices makes it better. I have it on linux, windows and andriod.

If you are on a PC that you cant install dropbox (cafe, office, etc) you can still access your files through the dropbox website.

What I use dropbox for?

  • Small backups. Documents, Some pictures, etc.
  • Sharing pictures. You have a Photos folder. Every folder with pictures in that folder can be shared as an album with others.
  • General sharing. It is possible to share all kinds of files with others and even collaborate on documents with others worldwide.

KeepassX screenshot (picture

Password management: Together with KeePassX you can have a centralized password manager.
KeePassX is a free application available for android, linux, windows and mac. It uses an encrypted database to store the passwords. Simply save the database file in dropbox and it will synch accross all your KeePass instances.

Truecrypt screenshot (picture

Encrypted content: Together with truecrypt you can save important files inside a container that will also synch across your devices. Create the container and save it to dropbox. You can now mount the container from all devices where you have dropbox and truecrypt installed. There are some limitations tho:

  • at the moment of writing is that there is no android app for truecrypt.
  • You can not access your encrypted files from the web.
  • Truecrypt needs admin rights to mount the container, e.g. you can’t access those files from a PC where you are not admin. This can be safer since if you encrypt the files you might not want to access those from an unkown PC.

There are other ideas like automating your backups using rsync and cron jobs in linux and task scheduler in windows.

You have any good ones? post them! to get the most out of dropbox.