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Service Composition (Web Services)

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

As I have to prepare some questions for my Studies, why not share this short summary with the world?
I will write about Service Composition.
Alonso, et. al. (Web Services, 2004) defines as a composite Service a service implemented by combining the functionality provided by other services and the process of developing such a service is called Service composition.

Developing such a service is not trivial, that is why Web services Composition middleware exist. This middleware offers abstractions and infrastructure that supports developers in their efforts.

A mayor advantage of Service Composition is that each composite service can itself be used as component of other “higher” composite services. e.g i have a service that queries for goods and makes an offer. this service can be itself part of another service that manages orders and supplies.

Web Services Composition Middleware includes (taken from Web Services, Alonso et. al. 2004):
A Composition Model and language, a development environment and a run-time environment.

This was just a short introduction to Service Composition. There is lot more to read about this interesting topic.

hope i got u started!

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