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GParted experience

April 22, 2010 Leave a comment

After letting debian do the partinioning for me I realized that my usr/ partition was way to small, given that all package managers install the apps there! so i thought I should resize it: Enter Gparted.
I downloaded the image and made myself a nice CD.
Booted with the default options and started playing with the really easy to use GUI.
When I was happy with the partition table I clicked on Apply!
It started doing its thing but suddenly when it came to the Swap it failed!
I check the details and googled around for solutions. It seems that it uses an option -U that fails if it doesnt get the expected UUID value back. the error:

mkswap -L "" -U "" /dev/yourswapparition
mkswap: error: UUID parsing failed

So after some forum reading I read that you could just delete the old swap and recreate it in the place you want to have it!
This worked for me! But it still has to finish the other operations. I will update as soon as it finishes!
Other than this small problem, its a fine Tool for playing with your partitions with little risk of loosing data. But as always, make Backups first!

After it finished (successfully) I rebooted.
After getting my console flooded with:

VFS: busy inodes on changed media /dev/hda

i just ignored it and pressed the reset button of my laptop. Then the next problem! Grub didnt want to start!
So I got out my rescue CD Super Grub! and repaired the boot loader.
Cool! Its back!
I started my linux machine and then the next problem arised! Since I messed so much with my partitions: (deleted the Swap and recreated it meaning that now it wasnt sda7 but sda9) my #fdisk /dev/sda didnt match with my /etc/fstab.
Debian is so nice to offer a rescue console. So i went ahead and edited my fstab to match my “new” partition table.
then did a #mount -a and done!
My laptop lives again! with brand new resized partitions. 🙂


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