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1 week living on the Edge (13)

October 30, 2010 1 comment

Yet another review on the Thinkpad Edge 13.

Box contents
Connection Slots
Battery life and Power Management

I’ve been using the Thinkpad Edge 13 for a week now. It has been a great experience. I was looking for a light yet powerful laptop to take with me everywhere I go.

I bought a netbook a while ago but the lack of power was kind of annoying sometimes. These days you want things to be fast and snappy and having to give up performance for mobility was not what I wanted. The netbook is great and it was very cheap since I bought it in Taiwan in one of my trips but other than office and some web-browsing, I couldn’t really do much else.

I needed something that could handle running Virtual Machines and still have tons of browser tabs open.  Where I could edit my documents and also do some programming.

I started looking for a small notebook. A friend of mine suggested the Thinkpad Edge 13 (among others like the Dell Vostro). I went through the specs and found this one:




  • Processor: Intel Core i3 u380 @1,33GHz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • HD: 500GB
  • Intel Graphics integrated (1366×768 max res)
  • Webcam
  • Windows 7 Pro 64bits
  • 6 cell Li-Ion battery
  • 13 inch screen

Pretty much what I had in mind. I thought about having independent Graphics chip but I do my gaming on my desktop 🙂

It also does not have a DVD drive, but hey, when was the last time you put a disk on your laptop?




When I got the box I was surprised how light it was. I liked also the fact that you don’t get any junk like prospects or other propaganda. Just the warranty and a Quick-start guide.

Box contents:

  • The laptop: I bought it thinking I would get the glossy one. But I got the nice matte version.
  • Battery
  • Charger: Is very small and light. Like my Netbook’s. This is very important since I always carry the charger with me as well.
  • Warranty info




Very nice looking. It looks quite elegant yet robust.

  • The build quality is great.
  • The keyboard feels awesome.
  • The touch-pad and the buttons fell very good too.


Connection slots:


  • 3x USB (1x powered)
  • HDMI
  • VGA
  • Card-reader
  • eSATA
  • Speaker/mic combo socket
  • Power




I didn’t do any performance tests or anything. I will describe only how it felt while in normal (normal for me) use.

It feels like I expected. Boots fast, pretty snappy when working and it doesn’t slow down when having a lot of things open. I had 2 VMs working (1 linux and 1 winxp, 1gb RAM assigned to each one) and they where running some tasks. In the winxp i was running log2timeline and in the Ubuntu VM I was testing some other tools (I’m experimenting a little with forensic tools). In the host PC (Win7 Pro) I had a bunch of tabs open (like I usually do), pdf’s and other docs and felt absolutely no hiccups. everything worked pretty smooth. I did set it to High Performance tho (read below)


Battery life and power management:


The battery is very good. It has 6 cells which gives around 4 hours on the default settings and normal workload (docs and browsing). It is a lot since the default power settings the performance and brightness of the screen are set above average (around 70%).

It recharges pretty fast too. It takes little over an hour to get to 98% and 1 more to get to 100%.

It offers a lot of customization options for power settings.




At the time of writing (30th October2010) I paid 800€. It is the most expensive version of the Thinkpad Edge 13. It is worth it.




It does everything I hoped it would do. It lets me run my VMs without crippling the host. I can work without issue and very fast.

13 inch lets me stay mobile too and I still get a nice 1366×768 resolution (widescreen). I don’t miss my 15″ laptop one bit.

1 week is not a lot of time. But I felt like writing this now. I was impressed by the build quality. The keyboard and the nice screen. It looks good, elegant and robust.

Performance is quite good and for the price I think excellent.

If you can’t afford a more expensive x300 or any other Thinkpad, this is good choice.