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A month without Facebook

June 29, 2010 Leave a comment

These last 30 days I have been Facebook-free. It is actually a nice feeling to say “I’m not on Facebook”. People will look at you in disbelief and it is funny. I have always been a part of technological revolutions. Among my friends I am kind of a pioneer when it comes to IT related stuff. Now they see me as an outsider.

Now for the facts. The people I care about and who cares about me are still there. No need for Facebook. We share stories and stuff over email or instant messaging.
Still, there were stuff like just browsing around “Friend’s” profiles to see what they have been up to, or looking at the latest pictures of a party, that were always fun moments, but I don’t miss those moments as I thought I would.

All in all, i have not been missing facebook at all and in my honest opinion, the whole Social networking is just overrated.
But I will definitely give Diaspora a try. Looking forward to seeing what those guys come up with!!!

All the best!