A month without Facebook

June 29, 2010 Leave a comment

These last 30 days I have been Facebook-free. It is actually a nice feeling to say “I’m not on Facebook”. People will look at you in disbelief and it is funny. I have always been a part of technological revolutions. Among my friends I am kind of a pioneer when it comes to IT related stuff. Now they see me as an outsider.

Now for the facts. The people I care about and who cares about me are still there. No need for Facebook. We share stories and stuff over email or instant messaging.
Still, there were stuff like just browsing around “Friend’s” profiles to see what they have been up to, or looking at the latest pictures of a party, that were always fun moments, but I don’t miss those moments as I thought I would.

All in all, i have not been missing facebook at all and in my honest opinion, the whole Social networking is just overrated.
But I will definitely give Diaspora a try. Looking forward to seeing what those guys come up with!!!

All the best!


Quit Facebook… is it possible?

May 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Although it is fun, sometimes even useful and at some point in the near future unavoidable, facebook will no longer (as of may 31st) take anymore of my time. Around 99,5% of the information flowing through here is just not of my interest.

-What is more impersonal than wishing a happy birthday to anyone with a wall post?… probably you wouldn’t even remember if it wasn’t for FB. If you really care you have it in your personal calendar and call/sms/email that person.

-Sharing pictures, fotos, etc. with hundreds of people who don’t really care is just not worth it. and you spam them… (I shared fotos of my dog, my vacations, etc.. who cares but maybe a handfull? sry for that) Open a picture service, upload the pics and send an email to those you know will give a s-h-*-t.

-Time… this is a great way to waste time 🙂 fun, but from now on i will rather waste it some other way. ((micro)blogs, youtube, etc)

– Reconnecting (?). Maybe just in my case, but you find some1 you haven’t heard from in ages. You add them as friend exchange a couple of “Nice to hear from you!” and that was it… unnecessary.

-Privacy… in FB world does that even exist?


for those who had enough! 🙂

Can access google only?

May 18, 2010 Leave a comment

This very weird problem started showing up quite sudden in my Debian Lenny installation. In a network that I’ve been using for months.

-You can access google and all related sites (picasa, google docs, etc)
-You can ping all sites (www.somesite.com) successfully
-Your dns resolves names correctly
-Your browser times out when trying to open any other site but Google!!! wtf?!

This problem happens because your MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) setting of your interface is wrong. Don’t ask me exactly what is wrong and why it is wrong because i don’t now it :). I DO know how to fix it!

type as root:
# ifconfig eth0 mtu 1400

this should do the trick! The next time you start your PC this setting might have gone lost. try adding that line to the

hope this helps!

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Bridged connection problem with VMplayer

April 23, 2010 1 comment

Playing around with VMplayer 🙂 I was having trouble getting my bridged connection to work. I then realized that my vmnet0 was trying to bridge wlan0.
Editing the /etc/vmplayer/locations file adding the following:

answer VNET_0_INTERFACE eth0
file /dev/vmnet0

-where eth0 is the desired host interface- and running as root:

#/usr/bin/vmnet-bridge -d /var/run/vmnet-bridge-0.pid -n 0 -i eth0

solved the problem! and no need to restart the VM btw… linux is so nice…
Other solution is to run vmware-config.pl but i dont seem to have that file 😦


GParted experience

April 22, 2010 Leave a comment

After letting debian do the partinioning for me I realized that my usr/ partition was way to small, given that all package managers install the apps there! so i thought I should resize it: Enter Gparted.
I downloaded the image and made myself a nice CD.
Booted with the default options and started playing with the really easy to use GUI.
When I was happy with the partition table I clicked on Apply!
It started doing its thing but suddenly when it came to the Swap it failed!
I check the details and googled around for solutions. It seems that it uses an option -U that fails if it doesnt get the expected UUID value back. the error:

mkswap -L "" -U "" /dev/yourswapparition
mkswap: error: UUID parsing failed

So after some forum reading I read that you could just delete the old swap and recreate it in the place you want to have it!
This worked for me! But it still has to finish the other operations. I will update as soon as it finishes!
Other than this small problem, its a fine Tool for playing with your partitions with little risk of loosing data. But as always, make Backups first!

After it finished (successfully) I rebooted.
After getting my console flooded with:

VFS: busy inodes on changed media /dev/hda

i just ignored it and pressed the reset button of my laptop. Then the next problem! Grub didnt want to start!
So I got out my rescue CD Super Grub! and repaired the boot loader.
Cool! Its back!
I started my linux machine and then the next problem arised! Since I messed so much with my partitions: (deleted the Swap and recreated it meaning that now it wasnt sda7 but sda9) my #fdisk /dev/sda didnt match with my /etc/fstab.
Debian is so nice to offer a rescue console. So i went ahead and edited my fstab to match my “new” partition table.
then did a #mount -a and done!
My laptop lives again! with brand new resized partitions. 🙂


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Don’t be afraid of backports

April 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Playing around with debian, i realized that most of my packages were really outdated. Was running Openoffice 2.4 and some other stuff i needed for developing software (java, python and python-webpy) were really old.
I am kinda new to Debian so I was being really carefull with the packages until I get comfortable with apt-get, dpkg and aptitude.
But after some time browsing around and doing single upgrades I decided to go for it. I just did
#aptitude -t lenny-backports safe-upgrade
Everything went fine! now I’m running actual versions of the packages i needed! pretty cool. I am starting to like the Debian package managers.

Still be carefull when doing this as some stuff could break. I did this because I had no important stuff here and didnt have much to loose. Make backups and so on before doing something like this. At your own risk!

have fun!

Service Composition (Web Services)

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

As I have to prepare some questions for my Studies, why not share this short summary with the world?
I will write about Service Composition.
Alonso, et. al. (Web Services, 2004) defines as a composite Service a service implemented by combining the functionality provided by other services and the process of developing such a service is called Service composition.

Developing such a service is not trivial, that is why Web services Composition middleware exist. This middleware offers abstractions and infrastructure that supports developers in their efforts.

A mayor advantage of Service Composition is that each composite service can itself be used as component of other “higher” composite services. e.g i have a service that queries for goods and makes an offer. this service can be itself part of another service that manages orders and supplies.

Web Services Composition Middleware includes (taken from Web Services, Alonso et. al. 2004):
A Composition Model and language, a development environment and a run-time environment.

This was just a short introduction to Service Composition. There is lot more to read about this interesting topic.

hope i got u started!

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