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Quit Facebook… is it possible?

Although it is fun, sometimes even useful and at some point in the near future unavoidable, facebook will no longer (as of may 31st) take anymore of my time. Around 99,5% of the information flowing through here is just not of my interest.

-What is more impersonal than wishing a happy birthday to anyone with a wall post?… probably you wouldn’t even remember if it wasn’t for FB. If you really care you have it in your personal calendar and call/sms/email that person.

-Sharing pictures, fotos, etc. with hundreds of people who don’t really care is just not worth it. and you spam them… (I shared fotos of my dog, my vacations, etc.. who cares but maybe a handfull? sry for that) Open a picture service, upload the pics and send an email to those you know will give a s-h-*-t.

-Time… this is a great way to waste time 🙂 fun, but from now on i will rather waste it some other way. ((micro)blogs, youtube, etc)

– Reconnecting (?). Maybe just in my case, but you find some1 you haven’t heard from in ages. You add them as friend exchange a couple of “Nice to hear from you!” and that was it… unnecessary.

-Privacy… in FB world does that even exist?


for those who had enough! 🙂

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