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Don’t be afraid of backports

Playing around with debian, i realized that most of my packages were really outdated. Was running Openoffice 2.4 and some other stuff i needed for developing software (java, python and python-webpy) were really old.
I am kinda new to Debian so I was being really carefull with the packages until I get comfortable with apt-get, dpkg and aptitude.
But after some time browsing around and doing single upgrades I decided to go for it. I just did
#aptitude -t lenny-backports safe-upgrade
Everything went fine! now I’m running actual versions of the packages i needed! pretty cool. I am starting to like the Debian package managers.

Still be carefull when doing this as some stuff could break. I did this because I had no important stuff here and didnt have much to loose. Make backups and so on before doing something like this. At your own risk!

have fun!

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